Collaborative Bibliography

This Bibliography is a collaborative tool curated by members of the Society for Emblem Studies.

  • Allow the scientific community to build a rich bibliography, with special curatorial features (such as allowing cross-referencing with Emblematica Online and indexation with Iconclass);
  • Preserve Open Access and out of print secondary sources, allowing for their preservation in PDF files. In due time, these files will mirrored to the Internet Archive for the sake of sustainability;
  • Allow scholars to advertise their publications, straight from the press;
  • And, finally, help a general movement to integrating emblem-related data: the database is fully downloadable, and can be used by other scholars in their research or digital projects. In the future, we plan link this bibliography to other projects, such as Emblematica Online and other initiatives.
Features and Instructions

  • Users can live-update this bibliography by clicking on “add a new record” and filling a form;
  • The Bibliography encourages users to enrich the records with Emblematica Online links, Iconclass notation, tags, and notes. More complete information will facilitate the access to the entries, and future quantitative studies;
  • Records can be uploaded in “bulk”, based on databases that our members may already (in excel files, for example); we are currently uploading the records for all articles and reviews from Emblematica, and we will reach out to other publications and editors willing to add include their records. Digital bibliographies from digital projects are warmly welcome!
  • Future phases of this initiative will allow the addition of sites with applied emblems, and much more!